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As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I focus on developing a trusting and positive working relationship with the client, in which counselor and client work together in a safe environment to resolve a problem, change behavior or foster personal growth and awareness. 

During therapy sessions, we work on techniques and interventions that are designed to help clients cope with different situations and/or resolve presenting issues.

The counselor - client relationship is confidential, unless client is in immediate danger to him/herself or others.


Personal coaching integrates mind, body, spirit into healthy balance. It involves the physical, social, psychological, emotional, intellectual and environmental dimensions of life. I believe that the full integration of mind, body and spirit lead to individuals living more fully and living well. Stress, chronic illness, trauma and repetitive negative relationship patterns can affect one’s emotional and physical wellness. We work on the different aspects that require improvement to reach the client's desired outcome.


Parent coaching is a service that can be offered to parents only or in conjunction with counseling sessions with the child/teen. Through parent coaching we address communication

Educational coaching is offered to educators, administrators, schools and parents. Through my two decade experience as an educator, 


Consulting services tare designed to transform and empower leaders, employees and teams at small and large corporations or school environments. We develop individualized services that are tailored to meet the needs of each organization/school, and services are available in different forms to meet the needs of the staff. As part of the program, leaders and staff learn effective communication skills, how to eliminate behavioral blind spots, how to be culturally responsive and affirming and create a high performance culture; how to adapt to change; conflict resolution skills, motivating teams; improving executive leadership competencies and transitioning to new executive roles to name a few. We also evaluate programs, conduct professional research on behalf of our clients and provide training based on the unique needs of the organization.

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